Ey-yo.com Video Special: Lil B x Curren$y x 52er

Nice lineup, hum? So many videos have dropped today. Three US rappers in two videos. Five zillion rappers from the south of Germany in one. Lil B (the dude that according to his lyrics in this song looks like Obama, “a farmer” and like Macy Gray) is wearing tiny shirts all day. Ironically in the video for “Ski Ski BasedGod” all he is wearing is a hooded sweatshirt. Not very tiny, too. Oh, and although he’s already got many b!tches, he still wants to make love to your girlfriend, too. Curren$y released the visuals for one of my favorite tracks off “The Drive In Theater“. And 52er have magically managed to have all the three zillion featured MCs appear in their video.


52er feat. Lib (52er), Orkan Gazi, Laca, Jerry One, LUX, Johnny Rakete, Juse Ju, Ebow, MTS, BRT, Nemo Nemesiz, Marz, Sickless, Liquid & BBou – Du Wurdest Bedient Pt. 2


Curren$y – $ Migraine feat. Le$


Lil B The Based God – Ski Ski BasedGod