Ey-yo.com: Shawn The Savage Kid x Haftbefehl x Action Bronson

Ey yo, ey-yo.com, you know the deal: recent joints from all over the world. Cutting-edge, innovative, artsy, boom-bap-esque, usually not too much Trap repetitiveness (if that’s even a word). Today: Biguf Cazlevibr with Shawn The Savage Kid, Haftbefehl and Dexter plus The Alchemist & Budgie with Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews & J.Rocc. Chickedicheck it out, don’t be a chickedichickenshit!


Germany: Shawn The Savage Kid – Streben nach Glück (Figub Brazlevič Remix)

I think I’ve said it before…well I’ve at least praised the dude before. I will listen to boring or terribly sounding rappers spitting bars over a Figub Brazlevič beat, hell, I’d listen to Angela Merkel singing German folklore classics as long as that shit is co-produced by Figub Brazlevič. Well, maybe not. But there’s nothing to worry about here. Even if you can’t understand a word he’s saying, you have to appreciate Shawn The Savage Kid’s flow. And trust me, dude’s lyrics are solid. Rock solid. And deep, actually. Leistungskurs Gemeinschaftskunde, Schwerpunkt Politik.

En passant Figub also – just like that, as if it was nothing special – stated that there’s a FB Remix LP coming up on Showdown Records this spring. Must-cop! Dude is out of control, dropping bombs left right and center. Watch the video above. Not one beat, not two, no, three. Three beats for one track. All of them 100% on point.


Germany: Haftbefehl – H.A.F.T. (Dexter Remix, Unofficial Video, NSFW!)

A little audio-visual German lesson on day-to-day-issues like territorial fights, selling drugs and the old philosophical question: To snitch or not to snitch. Whoever did this video definitely put the work in. Nice effort. Dexter himself is impressed, as am I. Although I feel slightly strange watching animated sketches of hairy balls and penises move over my screen. I’m getting old :( #sadboys2001. Click here for more Haftbefehl Remixes.


UK/USA: BAU Music – With My Soul Feat. Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews & J.Rocc

Craig @BrokeAndFamous.CZ put me onto this project – and as The Alchemist is involved, I’m sold.

An uplifting and righteous jam from the Alchemist & Budgie collaboration! STREAM THAT.

Two albums. In one book. 1000 copies only. Naturally already sold out, it seems.