Ey-yo.com: A Very Random Selection Of Musical Awesomeness

Over the course of this week I came across so many wavy joints on soundcloud that I just had to share. Even though they don’t have a lot in common…plus since I didn’t have a fitting image for this article I just used a random one from my trip to Thailand.

Anyway…check out a super soulful reowork of Destiny’s Child Bug-a-boo, a Kaytranada remix of another Janet track, another remix by Kaytranada and last but not least the Erlangen Homie Big Roo’s Zauberformel: straight outta Metropolregion. No need for that beast of a beat to play hide and seek in Frankonia though. Straight dopeness.

Oh yeah and I’ve included a little bonus track: “Auxburg bei Nacht” by Augsburg’s own Mäd. Just because I totally enjoy listening to that track. Perfect match of flow, beats and subject. Give all of those five tracks a thorough listen though!