Ey-yo.com: New Music For Your Weekend: Chet Faker, Mibbs, D’Angelo, Marcos Valle

Usually Ey-yo.com is all about Boom Bap. Not this time. Just because I’m not really in the mood. Actually it was one of the guys from Panda People who inspired this article right here. He cleverly smuggled Australia’s Chet Faker into my FB news stream and got me hooked instantly. “★★★★★ aus ☆☆☆☆☆” is all he thought was necessary, editorial-wise. And I agree 100%. But there’s more. Jarreau Vandal has been successfully messing with Mibbs’ “Rollin”, IAMNOBODI has been having fun with D’Angelo’s classic “Brown Sugar” and Jaël has been refixing Marcos Valle’s “Nao Tem Nada Nao”. Although – especially in D’Angelo’s and Marcos Vallle’s case – the question has to be asked: Do these works of art need to be refixed, remixed and messed with? Yupp. Although the originals can’t really pushed from the throne.