ey-yo.com: Mobb Deep x Cookin Soul x SSIO x Figub Brazlevic x Megaloh x Stieber Twins x Dexter x Cashmere Cat

Been a while since the last edition of audio-only Ey-yo.com. And I’ve assembled a lot of fresh and noteworthy golden-era-esque stuff that you might not have stumbled upon so far. German Kartoffelköpfe Figub Brazlevic, SSIO, Megaloh and the Stieber Twins are back at it – as are US based Cookin Soul with a brand new remix of a Mobb Deep classic.  And then there’s the odd one out: Cashmere Cat. Check it out:


Mobb Deep – G.O.D. pt III (Cookin Soul remix)

Brand new remix off Prodigy & Havoc 1996 track included on Hell on Earth album.
The upcoming release of a new Mobb Deep album including unreleased 90′s joints from the classic duo got us inspired! Enjoy!

via Rap’n'Blues.

SSIO – Vorspiel (Figub Brazlevič Remix)

…those two…one of those combinations that always work. German Rap’s Cuba Libre.

Megaloh – Dr. Cooper Remix EP feat. everyone and their moms…

Stream and download here. The Stiebers haven’t been releasing any new verses for 14 years now. This is big. Ya dig?

01. Dr. Cooper (Stieber Remix) (feat. Stieber Twins)
02. Dr. Cooper (Allstar Remix) (feat. MoTrip, Aphroe, Afrob, Samy Deluxe, Umse, Nate57, Telly Tellz, Ali As, Celo & Abdi)
03. Dr. Cooper (Mirko Machine Remix)
04. Hip Hop (Dexter Remix)

Bonus: Cashy Cat – Rice Rain

Totally not Boom-Bap, totally not golden era, but still noteworthy (and Norwegian! So Europe vs. US 3:1 in this edition of Ey-yo.com)…

From “Wedding Bells EP” out now on LuckyMe ♪♫♡