ey-yo.com: Jay Electronica x Jay Worthy x Yung Lean

Ey yo, ey-yo.com is back with its maybe tenth installment or something. Check the other ones, too. You know the deal…recent joints from all over the world: musical, artsy, boom-bap-esque, not too much trap and EDM stuff. Well…and Yung Lean, this time. Just because. Furthermore we’ve got two Jays dropping deep verses over depressingly dark and beautiful beats.

London: Jay Electronica – Better in Tune with the Infinite” ft. LaTonya Givens

Halleluja. I admit, I get mad at son sometimes. For years Jay Elec hasn’t come up with anything new except mad gossip material with his girl Rothschild in London. But this track? Boy compensates for years without releases in my opinion. It’s all good. I’d totally be OK with waiting another five years for the next 2 minute track from Jay Electronica…“mate” just maintains the craziest level of quality.

Today that hope rears it’s head up as Jay releases “Better in Tune With the Infinite.” Yes, it’s only one verse, but who gives a fuck? It’s a Jay Electronica verse which is basically the equivalent of 3.5 Young Thug verses at this point. In this verse he presumably sheds some light on why his musical output has been, well, stagnant.

It’s frustrating when you just can’t express yourself / And it’s hard to trust enough to undress yourself / Standing exposed and naked / In a world full of hatred / Where the sick thoughts of mankind control all the sacred

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Compton, CA: LNDN DRGS (Jay Worthy x Sean House) – Harvey Keitel (Video)

That sax tho! That sax!

Inspired by the film Bad Lieutenant, House and Worthy dropped a new video to give us a better idea of their visual palette, and what kind of vibes we can expect in the future. Behind-the-scenes, Jay Worthy has been between Vancouver and Los Angeles recruiting an impressive list of co-signers for the LNDN DRGS project, including A$AP Yams, Mike G, Chuck Inglish among others. While his step-sister Grimes is rumored to be working in the studio with Worthy on some future drops.

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Sweden: Yung Lean – E-Mails (Video)

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