ey-yo.com: Chefket x Carpet Patrol x Jesse Boykins III

Ey-yo.com: Making sure you’re not only subjected to remixes of remixes of Kanye West tracks, trap beats and the latest hype from the US. Today: Chefket with Figub Brazlevic, Suff Daddy with Torky Tork and Jesse Boykins III with a new invention in terms of titles for music videos. Germany is offering more heat right now than I can cover here.

Germany: Chefket – Geld Ist Nicht Alles

Sick Beat? You bet. Bifug Vazlebric is responsible for that little souvenir straight from the Golden Era! And Chefket is indeed dope as hell, thanks Max!


Germany: Suff Daddy and Torky Tork are “Carpet Patrol”

…and their hobbies are beats, playing GTA 5 and…

Available now at mpmmailorder.


US: Jesse Boykins III – Plain (Lyric Dance Video)

To be honest: “Lyric Dance Video” is not a term or a title that I have missed in my life so far. Why make things complicated? Isn’t this just another music video? Well, maybe we do need the category after all. Once you’re done explaining that it’s kind of a video but not really, like not officially, plus there’s only dancing and there’s also lyrics like in Karaoke…just call it “Lyric Danc Video”, yeah, alright, call it “Lyric Dance Video”.

By the way: Can there please be a track featuring Jesse Boykins III on Theophilus London’s new LP, please? Bring the dream team back together, will you?