Ey-yo.com: Celo & Abdi x Juse Ju & Edgar Wasser & Fatoni x SSIO & Schwesta Ewa (Videos)

An awesome week for German hip hop. Although some super powerful institution seems to have forbidden the release of non-black-and-white videos.

Das ist erst der Anfang (Celo & Abdi)

Celo and Abdi “explained street slang in German for Franz and Hans” on their first LP. This video is “only just the beginning” of what we can expect from their sophomore album. Nice. And that beat. Dayuummm.

via rap-n-blues.


Übertreib’ nicht deine Rolle (Juse Ju feat. Fatoni & Edgar Wasser)

Don’t exaggerate your role! Make sure you download Juse’s free album though!


Märchenrapper (SSIO, Schwesta Ewa; Figub Brazlevic Remix)

Only the zillionst video for Figub’s upcoming remix project “Ersatzverkehr“.