ey-yo.com: Adrian Lau x Rome Fortune x Afrob

Ey yo, ey-yo.com is back with its 2nd installment, check the 1st one here. You know the deal…recent joints. Musical, artsy, boom-bap-esque, not too much trap and EDM stuff. Today: U.S. Rap kittens Adrian Lau and Rome Fortune (yes, again!) and legendary German Rap cat Afrob.

Harry Fraud just posted this. La Musica De Harry Fraud rarely disappoints. This track by Adrian Lau is no exception to this loose rule.


Still not enough of Rome? Not quite, no. I just enjoy the sh!t out of the general vibe, the harmonies, his flow, even the videos. Total stan. “Grind” can be found on Beautiful Pimp I by the way.


And last but not least, straight from Motor City Germany, direkt aus dem Schoß der Kolchose, Robbe ist zurück. Legendary Reimemonster Afrob is back in full effect. Good to see (and hear) him again! Check out the classic “Einfach” from 1999 below, too!