The Extremely Unofficial Anticipation Playlist To ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron

Oxymoron, ScHoolboy Q’s third album is going to be released on February 25th. And I am not even going to pretend…I am one of those people that haven’t heard of the boy before Kendrick Lamar dropped bombs all over the rap scene when he released the still extremely underrated album Section.80 and the critically acclaimed GKMC last year.

Now Top Dawg Entertainment is part of Interscope and ScHoolboy Q is the next in line to release a classic album. The rest of the Black Hippy camp might follow but for now all the pressure is on the schoolkid’s shoulders. I checked out the back catalogue of TDE a little bit and just put together some tunes that stood out in order for you to get to know the dude. Isn’t that a nice service, hu?

By the way…of course I couldn’t resist putting some Kendrick joints in there. Sorry.

Image: (CC) Dudek1337