Everything Is Extreme When You Record It With A GoPro Episode 752: Pogo Stick

This right here is another testament for a thesis that I have been thinking about probably too much recently. What could you possibly film using a GoPro that wouldn’t be described as super-extreme once the video gets shared on Youtube, Facebook etc. Last week we have featured the super extreme dish washer GoPro visuals on this blog’s FB Page. Now it’s GoPro Extreme Pogostick-ing? Seriously?

I have had the honor of sorting and folding socks yesterday. Shouldn’t I have filmed this from two angles PLUS a super extreme GoPro that would have been attached to a sock? Couldn’t I have made a lot of money from all the clicks that the video would have gotten? Yeah. I probably could have. Damnit.

Extreme Pogo pioneer Nick McClintock and other members of the Xpogo team attached a GoPro to their pogo sticks and proceeded to capture some truly impressive jumps, flips, and a few unfortunate spills.

Excuse me? Nick McClintock is an Extreme Pogo pioneer? *opening new tab to change own Twitter Profile to include “Extreme Sock Sorting&Folding Pioneer”