It’s On: EDM DJs Wage Ridiculous War Over Who Actually Is The Laziest Bum On Stage (Video)

This is so pathetic. And it probably says more about the entire EDM scene than about any single party in this beef that Art Department have apparently started with Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke and Sander Van Dorn.

You probably know the video with those three douchebags. Well, now there’s a revenge video clip by those three douchebags about those two other douchebags… enjoy:

-> “ok i know we’re a bit late on this one and it’s already made the rounds but something has to be said.. by us. All three of these duchebags need to stop calling what they do “dj’ing” because its an insult to the rest of us who treat this profession with respect and spend our lives hunting for great music and perfecting our craft. We only recognize which one Steve Aoki is out of this lot but him and the other two jerkoffs who look like the knobs they’re pretending to work can all lick their own vaginas. You’re fucking embarrassing yourselves for a paycheque that that coudn’t possibly cover the cost of your dignity. How does that feel you fucking posers??”

Further watching…the “original” one:

via blogbuzzter.