Eden Hagos – Feelings (Free Future Bass Mixtape Download)

Eden Hagos feelings free mixtapeThis right here is not just another dump for randomly assorted mixtapes. There’s enough of those out there in the blogosphere.

Every bit of music you’ll be finding on Procrasti-Nation.eu is an artistic expression of some kind that I just can not not post.

In this case right here I couldn’t even find out anymore details about the artist “Eden Hagos” than what can be seen on her Soundcloud page anyway. She seems to be with Soulection, seems to be living in San Diego, seems to have released another similar mix a few months ago and seems to maybe have had a blog in 2010 which she doesn’t seem to use anymore. Although I don’t even know if all I found out is about another Eden Hagos. I am a terrible researcher. That’s all. Sorry.

But what really matters is that this mixtape is straight fire. And that’s what you should expect here when it comes to music. There will never – I repeat – never be an article with just another rubbish track or mix embedded here. ‘Schwör’!

By the way: What am I listening to here in terms of genre? “Future Bass”? There’s hiphop, there’s R’n'B, there’s D’n'B…but as I feel like there’s a certain pattern evolving here – does anyone have the proper name for this?