DJ MK’s Summer Throwdown Mix

In terms of weather and overall vibe this time of the year suddenly feels like an outpost of fall – in central Europe at least. Summer is kind of enjoying a little time-off. DJ MK’s Summer Throwdown Mix could bring it right back tho.

The tracklist is nothing to fvck with. This summer mixtape has got them all: Earth, Wind & Fire, Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, Roy Ayers, Dr. Dre, Kayne, Kendrick…you name it. And then there’s this sick mash-up “Sweet Pon De Lazer” (Eurythmics x Major Lazer) which was also featured in DJ Hero 2. – bringing summer back.

Play 1: DJ MK’s Summer Throwdown Mix by Malibu Play on Mixcloud

Pic via my own damn self, Barcelona, 2013.