Your DIY Yeezy 2 Roshe Runs: Red October & Those Other Two Yeezy II Colorways Now Available On Nike ID

Hu? You weren’t able to spend a sh!tload of money on those fairly sought after NIKE AIR YEEZY IIs? You weren’t able to get the first two colorways, nor were you quick enough when Nike randomly released the Red Ocotobers not in october but in february? How about a Yeezy 2 Roshe Run instead?

Don’t be a Sad Kayne. Be a Happy Kanye! Happy Kanyes of the world rejoice for now thou artst able to buildeth yer owne Nike Roshe Run Yeezy II even though Kanye is long gone eating Schäuferle in Herzogenaurach, Germany! Nike ID is offering just about everything you need to get your own pair of those extremely comfy Roshes:

yeezy roshe

Funnily enough, the only detail you can’t add to your counterfeit Yeezy 2 Roshes is a Kayne tag…pretty precautious? Just when you thought Sad Kanye and Happy Kanye were memes that wouldn’t go down in pop cultural history, here’s the third part of the trilogy: Impossible Kanye!

Impossible Kanye Roshe Nike ID

Check out some more sample pics below. The Croc- and Snake-options for the overlay of the Roshe are really tempting to go for the Yeezy colorways although my guess is that that green sole won’t quite satisfy anyone who’s expecting the vintage Yeezy II look. Unfortunately there’s nor real glow-in-the-dark option available. After all it’s just a Yeezy 2 Roshe…not the real Nike Air Yeezy II.

Still those new Nike ID options for the Roshe Run seem like a lot of fun…

roshe yeezy 2