Oh So Danish: History Of HipHop Performed On Bottles By The Bottle Boys (Video)

bottle boys hip hop medley on bottles danish denmarkUsually not considered to be one of the coolest places in the world, Denmark just kicked it up a notch. The Bottle Boys (or Them Bottle Boyz as I calls them) perform a wicked rendition of classic Hip Hop choruses and beats – relying only on bottles and a drum set. Not bad.

By the way…am I the only one feeling kind of uncomfortable once those four Danish men start shouting “oh me so horny me love you long time” straight into the camera?

Rather impressive track list, hu?

Kurtis Blow — The Breaks
The Sugarhill Gang — Rapper’s Delight
Grandmaster Flash — The Message
Salt-N-Pepa — Push it
The Rock Steady Crew — Hey You
2 Live Crew — Me So Horny
2pac — California Love
Jay Z — Hard Knock Life
Dr.Dre — Still D.R.E.
Eminem — The Real Slim Shady
Dr.Dre — The Next Episode + Snoop Dogg — Drop it like it’s hot
Kanye West — Through The Wire
Macklemore — Thrift Shop

Via blameitonthevoices.