Damn Son Where Does This “Damn Son Where Did You Find This” Sound Bite Drop Thingy actually come from?

This past weekend we held the first official czech-german therapy session of Trapaholics Anonymous in some weird basement of an abandoned office building. One of the questions we discussed under the supervision of Dr. Zungumotoguzzi was “DAMN SON WHERE DOES THIS DAMN SON WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS SAMPLE ACTUALLY COME FROM”?

Whut? You’ve never heard that ridiculous sound bite? Well than you have either lived under a rock for more than two years or you have – so far – been able to keep a comfortable distance from Trap Music. Well. This happy stretch of your life will be over as soon as you play the “song” below:

Welcome to Trapaholics Anonymous. Now you need the answer, too, hu? I thought so. And there’s one pretty substantial and sensible answer…and a hilarious one. The sensible one can be found at thump. And the guy that is supposedly responsible for recording that little “Damn Son Where’d You Find This” sample is totally up for voiceover work. You could actually just order a custom made voice box message from the guy if you’ve got the right kind of money. Interested? Check his very appropriately named page awesomevoiceguy.com!

damn son where did you find this mclovin passportOh yeah and then there’s the hilarious answer.

Well the mediocre execution of a funny idea. Which I like a bit better to be honest, but judge for yourself! Apparently McLovin from the classic comedy “Superbad” is the Damn-Son-Voice!

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