Dachshund Not Impressed By Unboxing Of Brand New NIKE AIR TECH CHALLENGE II HOT LAVA QUICKSTRIKE

In only 24 hours this unlikely Youtube smash hit has been able to accumulate the astonishing amount of 41 views. It’s only a matter of time before this video of Dachshund Cucu watching the unboxing of the latest overhyped shoe release will surely be appearing on Buzzfeed, Gakr and the likes. And then there will be no way of stopping it. It is going to be covered by major television networks, the Dachshund starring in the video will be asked to host award ceremonies and act in television series for MTV etc etc.

But before that, let me give you he inside scoop on what on the surface seems to be just another unboxing video of the Nike Air Tech Challenge II Hot Lava Quickstrike. I’m inviting you to take the chance of a lifetime here! Be one of the first ones to watch and share this super viral video, which is so super viral actually that you should consider brushing of your internet device with sanitizer.  Check it out below:

It’s very hard to tell at this point why this little video is so damn shareworthy. After all, there’s not a lot happening during those six minutes. Basically čuču (pronounced choochoo) is responsible for all of the epicness here, I think. By underacting passionately and not showing too many emotions overtly, she satirically but calmly introduces us to her view on the state of this world – which is in this case represented by a shoe. By carefully reading and evaluating her yawning, sniffing, the rest of her body language and her facial impressions you can get a sense of her very special view:

Look, man. Only seconds ago I was minding my business (staring at the wall and carefully biting/scratching various body parts – none of your business which ones exactly). Suddenly this human comes at me with this weird smile and tells me he wants to revolutionize the entire unboxing game on Youtube and I’m like: Whatever, do what you must.

So this guy just drags my bed right in front of this awful green background and shows me a pair of shoes. I mean, it was cool and all, killed a couple of minutes, too, but nah. If I had a say in the decision on whether we should do this again, I’d probably pass. Waving stuff right in front of my eyes always messes with my sleep pattern, which at my age goes more or less like this: sleeping, sleeping with my eyes open cleverly pretending to be staring at the wall, sleeping again. Plus I’m not into shoes that much and I highly doubt that I would be blown away by any pair of sneakers. So there’s no point in showing any more to me, really.

Now drag my bed back to the radiator and call me when you’re ready to uncan some canned meat, human!

Yeah. Share now or be super pissed later on, once the uncoolest 10 percent of your facebook friends start sharing it come christmas this year.