Count Bass D – The Count In Cologne (EP) Feat. Retrogott, Lazy Jones, Twit One

Shameless Promo? Uh uh, no sir, shameless confession of me genuinely falling in love with an EP. Although the frustration that this awesome project only contains five tracks, however dope they are, almost balances out my enthusiasm for it. Check it out and fall in love! 10 Öcken? Ja, bitte!

From the EP “The Count In Cologne” by Count Bass D, Retrogott, Twit One and Lazy Jones.

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Side One
1. Countro (Beat: Retrogott) (01:25)
2. Need To Know (Rap: Count Bass D & Retrogott | Beat: Retrogott) (02:59)
3. FromThenToNow (Rap: Count Bass D & Retrogott | Beat: Lazy Jones & Twit One) (03:07)
4. Eye Contact (Rap: Count Bass D | Beat: Twit One) (01:30)
5. Avocado (I Was So Loyal) (Rap: Retrogott | Beat: Count Bass D) (01:26)

Side Two
1. Need To Know Instrumental (Beat: Retrogott) (02:59)
2. FromThenToNow Instrumental (Beat: Lazy Jones) (03:09)
3. Eye Contact Instrumental (Beat: Twit One) (02:09)
4. Avocado (I Was So Loyal) Instrumental (Beat: Count Bass D) (01:26)
5. Bumm Bumm Pardon (Bonus Beat) (Beat: Twit One) (01:26)

Count Bass D in Cologne: 182
Melting Pot Music 2014