Converse All Star Chucks x The Simpsons

If you are going to spend more than 5 minutes on the internet today you are definitely going to stumble across these kicks:The Simpsons Chucks. How could those sneakers not work? They practically sell themselves. The sad thing is that – right now – you’d have to travel to Japan in order to get them.

If you ask me you can’t go wrong with those two All Star Chuck Taylor Hi with the allover print in multicolor and yellow. I wouldn’t even wear them. I’d get a nice little glass cabinet and exhibit them like art. Pop art that is.

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Pics via atomlabor.

Via seriouslyawesome.tvtestspiel, dertypvonnebenan and in about five to six hours BuzzFeed, Hypebeast, in two to three days Spiegel Online I guess. If I’m already predicting the future here. Chances are Spiegel Online is going to write something about the recently released Simpsons Lego House just to have more words in their article. Because more words means more journalism.