Conan O’Brian in “Clueless Gamer” (Quodoard Flolke’s Personal Top 3 Videos)

I love watching people play console or computer games that aren’t used to doing so PLUS are totally not into it. I’m lucky enough to have one of those people living with me and it regularly makes me almost die of laughter to watch her bumping into stuff trying to control a vehicle in DRIVE, GTA5, FORZA3 and the likes.

Conan O’Brian has taken the whole thing to another level, reviewing games left right, left and center and being hilarious at the same time. I particularly enjoy his rating system(s). Any one of these reviews is far superior to all those box standard reviews on Youtube.

To cut a long story short…this should make your Sunday night:

Clueless Gamer GTA 5 a.k.a. “This is actually how I commute to work”

Clueless Gamer Minecraft a.k.a. “Makers of Minecraft, please! Go to the nearest lens crafter for some eye glasses and make a world that looks like a world.”

Cluesless Gamer Vintage Edition a.k.a. “THIS is a game! And I’m actually playing it! And In know what I’m doing, we’ve found my game. Space Invaders, yes!”