Dope! An Extremely Comprehensive Overview Of Drug Slang In Hip Hop Lyrics (Infographics)

Science is awesome! Check out all those lovely, informative and very nerdy charts on drug related terms in Hip Hop from 1988 up until now from the good folks at projectknow! They have been using the lyrics on Rapgenius to find out about the prevalence of phrases and drug terms in rap music over year by year and artist by artist.

Some of the findings are really enlightening from a few perspectives tho. While Henny/Hennessy seems to have been the go-to alcohol for a lot of years…Patron and Ciroc have only recently peeked...thanks to Sean “Puffy Diddy” Combs and some other “Ciroc Boys” who have been making a lot of money off endorsement/sponsoring deals. And obviously other rappers have been jumping the the bandwagon volontarily.

Alcohol: Henny’s here to stay!


Rich rappers, nah, I don’t know them niggas
Niggas don’t get rich rapping, they selling clothes or liquor

Talib Kweli

Molly: Chemical Craze

Interestingly, alcohol seems to be considered as a bit old school now and all brand suffer decline, whereas MDMA/Molly and Pharmaceutical Drugs, above all “Sizzurp” are the new hot topic:

mdma rap

MDMA is among the least mentioned drugs overall in rap music. However, in 2009 rappers clearly sparked an interest in the rise of “molly.” While users often understand that ecstasy contains additional substances besides MDMA, molly is often assumed to mean pure MDMA. The reality is quite different: Over a four year period ending in 2013, the DEA reported that of all of the molly seized in New York, only 13 percent of it actually contained any MDMA.

And the winner is…

Make sure you check out all the other statistics (about Sizzurp, Coke etc.) on that brilliant site as well. But first, let’s have a look at the “winners” of each category. Lil B obviously takes home a lot of awards…but there is also reason for German Rap heads to either rejoice or once more proclaim that the Hip Hop apocalypse is near:

Austria’s Money Boy gets the silver medal for second most mentions of codeine related terms like Sizzurp, Promethazine, Drank, Purple, Lean!

money boy hustensaft

How weird is that?!