YDDOP #6: Sundays Are The Worst! Chinese Facekini Pictures

You already know sundays suck. Not only are they the end of every weekend (plus chances are you’re a bit hungover) but they are also the ever-shrinking little obstacle that keep monday from happening.

Sundays Are The Worst.

As it can’t get worse anyway, let me introduce you to chinese facekini fashion photography with a nice little introduction by whokilledbambi:

Lucha libre wrestlers? Nope, chinese women at the beach.

With his Beach series, chinese photographer Peng Yangjun documents what some Asian women are willing to do to preserve their porcelain skin…

Peng Yangjun has done a brilliant job portraying them. And he’s got more in his own gallery. And of course all pics here are (c) Peng Yangjun.
peng yangjun chinese facekini


peng yangjun chinese facekini

peng yangjun chinese facekini
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