Charlie Day’s Commencement Speech At Merrimack College

…might just be the best speech anyone has ever delivered in an educational context. If you know Charlie Day (“a man who has made a living pretending to eat cat food”) in his role as Charlie Kelly in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” you’ll be surprised how excellent he is at delivering a speech but also as a writer – assuming he wrote the speech himself. Charlie Day is the next Steve Jobs, I think.

Check out his full speech at his Alma Mater Merrimack College in May 2014. His speech begins at about 1:20 minutes, just skip the introduction:

If you aren’t familiar with Charlie Day’s work…well, get yourself some episodes of Sunny. May I suggest you start with an episode of the second, third or fourth season? The first season is really just a warm-up phase for the extremely entertaining episodes of the later series.