Celo & Abdi – NUR NOCH 60 SEKUNDEN feat. Ssio (Video)

It doesn’t get much better than this in German Gangster Rap in 2014. Celo & Abdi and SSIO? Crème de la crème. Although it’s mainly the beat by M3 that sets this banger apart from the competition. Peep this almost-feature-length presentation featuring Moritz Bleibtreu. He’s that other German actor, you know? Not the blonde super-German one, that’s Till Schweiger. Not the old quirky one, that’s Christoph Waltz. The other one, who gets to portray basically any non-German in every German film production. In this little audiovisual masterpiece he’s Chechnyan. Could be a first.

Ich muss Fixkosten tragen/
die kann Rick Ross nicht zahlen.
Vom Auspuff der Sound/
ist besser als mein Album.

  • Belicious

    goddamn that’s a sick header – love it!!

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