When A Cat Loves A Beard (Video)

This is an equally disturbing and fascinating video of a naked (!) cat licking some dude’s beard. As if the visual aspect wasn’t odd enough, the strange licking sounds are enhancing the weirdness, just to be save. Yeah. Erm. Yupp. This is today’s only article on your favorite blog, so appreciate it – especially since I have made the effort of creating a soundtrack to this audiovisual weirdness, at least the first 4 lines of the lyrics. See below.

Cue: Horrible remix of “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge called: “When A Cat Loves A Beard”.

When A Caaaaaaaahat loves a beeeheeeard/
Can’t keep her mind on nothing else/
She’ll trade the world/
For the good beard she’s found/

via sayOMG.