=^.^= Cashmere Cat Live @ Lucerna in Prague on April 13th

The guys at Boombox.cz are really helping good old Praha stepping its live music game up in 2014. During the first two months of this year they have been bringing Evidence and The Alchemist over to the Czech Republic. Mos Def is yet to come in march. And the best (at least for people who are too young for Mosy Mose and the Step Brothers) is yet to come. None other then EDM sensation Cashmere Cat will be paying Prague a visit in April.


By the way: By starting off their promotional text using the term “Scheissecatze” (“Scheisse” meaning “shit” and “Katze” meaning “cat” in German) Boombox.cz is in no way calling Cashmere Cat a shit cat which is in some way full of shit, a bit shitty or into eating shit or whatever. None of that actually. They’re actually referring to a classic running gag from “Alles Gute” on Czech television:


Nobody has yet been able to properly explain to me what it’s all about. But the gist of it – I think – is that two comedians are giving German lessons during which they are making fun of German stereotypes aaand calling each other “Scheissekatze” from time to time – a word which of course doesn’t exist in any local dialect or sociolect of German whatsoever. However, the word is a compound of the German equivalents of “shit” and “cat”. So there you go…that’s where this “Scheissecatze” is coming from. Just something that you have to get out there in order to be able to finish writing your promo text. Basically it’s your “Fvck outta here”. In Czech. Or German. Kind of.

While all of this may or may not have been interesting, it has definitely been very off-topic. Sorry for that. See details on the event at Lucerna Music Bar in Prague below, right under the wavy live video fof the kitten performing “With Me” in Paris:


Party Facts:

Wedding Bells Boombox
Support DJs: Tuco (Meanbucket), ABAB (Dada), TenTen (Dada), Alyaz (Heldenkëllerz)
Lucerna Music Bar
Facebook Event

Get your tickets here! € 10.- only? Scheissecatze indeed!


Cashmere Cat Facts:

Proud to announce that young Norwegian producer Magnus August Høiberg aka Cashmere Cat has signed to LuckyMe. The Wedding Bells EP is his debut vinyl release. We celebrated the news with a first play on Zane Lowe BBC Radio One, followed by a premiere with Pitchfork for ‘With Me’ – our first single. Then we premiered the video we made for him with Rolling Stone. So far Cat’s caught a buzz as production partner to hit maker Benny Blanco and the excellent Mirror Maru ep with Pelican Fly. He’s courted support from Kode 9, Éclair Fifi, Nguzunguzu, Hud Mo, Rustie, Baauer, A Trak, Brodinski – We are very happy to work with CC to bring you his attempt at a perfect thing in an imperfect world.

Source: LuckyMe artist page.

cashmere cat live praha prague lucerna

Be there or be square. Cashmere Cats are people, too! Busses full of people from Germany are on the horizon already. These Soulfood Party & Beat Thang people can smell a cat from literally miles away. Erlangen and Nürnberg will seem like ghost towns on March 13th.