Busta Rhymes Starring In Weird Family Van Commercial Video Called “Swagger Wagon”

And I actually like it…a lot. And if you think about it: People who usually buy these kinds of vehicles are likely to not watch the video and therefore won’t be appalled by its odd content. The people that aren’t into these kinds of family cars, however, will watch an entertaining 4 minute mini infomercial on the new Toyota Swagger Wagon. Well done, if you ask me!

[Intro: Daughter]
Alright, listen up motherfathers
This one’s about the swagger wagon
I wash your mouth out with soap if you call it a minivan
That’s a dirty word
Drop that beat
(Swagger wagon swagger wagon, sw-sw-sw-swagger wagon)
(Swagger wagon swagger wagon, sw-sw-sw-swagger wagon)

Check out the entire (dope) lyrics on RapGenius.

via HuPo