Bongholio Iglesias’ Gorilla Smoothies Are Sooo Smooth (Free Mixtape)

A peak into the artists that are involved in one way or another in this mix should give you reason enough to listen to this immediately: Mos Def, D’Angelo, Suff Daddy, Pharcyde, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley. Peep the full tracklist below!

Well, obviously wild gorillas live very healthy, eating a lot of greens and exercising in fresh air all day long. Even the international jet-setting super-ape Bongholio Iglesias takes good care of himself. So after a long night of partying with the señoritas he likes to sleep long, take it easy and have his homemade “Gorilla Smoothies” for breakfast.
His recipe is quite simple: grab all the good stuff you can find, blend it all together to create a new sweet and delicious mix – rich in taste, thick and full of flavor.
So here’s your glass, join us by the pool, put some shades on and enjoy.
Mmmm-hmmm…. that’s the perfect start into a sunny day!

00:00 Intro – Bongholio Iglesias
01:03 Ms. Fat Booty (Bongholio Iglesias Remix) – Mos Def
03: 20 My Favorite Ladies (Letherette Remix) – MF Doom
06:00 Ez up (Bongholios Mashup) – Slum Village / Maxwell
07:50 With You – Tall Black Guy
09:55 Night and Day (Onra Edit) – Al B. Sure
12:15 Take Some Time (Bongholios Edit) – Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Co.
14:10 Life’s a Lady (Bongholios Mashup) – Nas / D’Angelo
16:50 Cherish Tyrone (Bongholios Mashup) – Erykah Badu / Sade
18:48 Some kind of blues (Grooveman Spot Remix) – S-Tone Inc. & Laura Fedele
22:15 Summertime – Beatowski
24:45 Smoov – RXN
26:45 Di Luv – Suff Daddy
27:45 On and on (Bongholios Mashup) – Erykah Badu / Group Home
29:07 Big brown Sugar Pimpin (Bongholios Mashup) – D’Angelo / Dogg Pound
32:00 Hanging on by (Bongholios Mashup) – Pharcyde / Loose Ends
33:40 Honey (Bongholio Iglesias Remix) – Erykah Badu
36:20 Kane Interlude – Bongholio Iglesias
37:55 Nikole – Kurious
40:57 Gaturs Interlude – Bongholio Iglesias
41:45 Uptight in vain (Bongholios Mashup) – Stevie Wonder / Bob Marley
43:40 How Could You Break My Heart – Bobby Womack
47:00 Finding Nash – Phil Gerus
49:25 Clip Your Wings – Letherette
51:55 Tried So Hard – Barbara Mason
54:45 One Last Chance – Jeff Perry
58:15 Barrys Outro – Bongholio Iglesias