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Don’t mess with my blog roll, man! Short but sweet!


My German language playground sometimes. And other writers’ playground as well. Highly recommended!


The title of this blog says it all. Carina travels. She runs. And she plays. This blog actually inspired me a little bit to take my own blogging efforts much more seriously. Looking at her pictures of asian food in my Instagramm feed makes me want to just pack my things and leave. And eat.


His recent rant on clickbait and the following discourse with and about schlecky silberstein and so forth has also been kind of an inspiration to me. I have been a reader for years now and finally became a fan when the brilliant Breaking Bad podcasts came into existence.


NBG culture


ERL culture


…spricht über HipHop. Whatever you want to know about recent developments in german mainstream and underground rap. This guy’s got it all.

aloha WEBLOG

spreading the aloha spirit. and shiznit.


fellow prague blogger with loads of insight.

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