The Best Of Shaqtin A Fool Of The 2013/2014 NBA Regular Season (Video)

…or should I say “Worst of”? Anyway, there’s a few plays in there that have gone down in history. I’m not really following the NBA anymore (last time I checked, Kobe went to the NBA right after high school), but Shaqtin A Fool always keeps me updated with the best/worst bits. And although regular viewers will know the “epic fails” in this video, there’s new commentary.

And let’s be honest, none of the scenes would be as hilarious without legendary comments by Shaq and his colleagues.

Worst free throw in NBA history: Tony Parker
Worst in-bound play in NBA history: Devin Harris
C’mon Swaggy P
Worst dunk: Kendrick Perkins
JaVale is back!