Introducing “The Flute Drop” & The Very Best Of Soundclowning

Before you even ask: No, you can’t have those minutes of your life back which I want you to spend on listening to this musical ingenuity called “Soundclowning”. Until a few days ago I wasn’t aware of the phenomenon. And then my sister just randomly sent me a link to a horrible cover version of Miley Cirus’ Wrecking Ball called “Ciley Myrus Brecking Wall” by Dj Detweiler. I had to click it. Not because she’s my sister. But because she’s from Berlin and might have gotten her hands on some new hype straight from the hipster’s world capital. So I clicked. And so should you.

You might think the original has already set the bar pretty high in terms of horribleness. But believe me, this remix puts the original to shame. Not only does it offer terrible trap percussion and sound effects. No, it is full of something that is apparently called “the flute drop“.

So I listened to it once. I couldn’t even finish the whole thing – just skipped through as it got worse and worse towards the end. It just annoyed me to be honest. For some strange reason I hit the like-button on Soundcloud anyway. And – just for fun – I listened again this week. And my general impression of this very special remix changed from horrible to interesting to actually quite amazing. I am a huuuge fan of the flute drop now.

Of course I got the craving for more…and then I found out that there’s a movement called “Weird Soundcloud” that takes audio dumps all over Soundcloud. I have not yet managed to understand what it’s all about. It seems to be related to “Youtube Poop“. I don’t get that either though…

So here I am. Excited and confused. And as a kind of therapy I just want to pull all of you into my fvcked up mindstate. Voila, find my little “The Very Best Of Sound Clowns” below. Dj Detweiler is heavily represented in there. Welcome to his fan base! Don’t miss the best re-interpretion of TNGHT’s Higher Ground at the end!

By the way…I am not the only renowned author who is at the same time very excited about DJ Detweiler and not at all able to write something substantial about him or the “genre”…

D.J Detweiler is at it again with his criminal remix of Miley Cyrus’ “wrecking ball”. Featuring his trademark future-flute sounds from world renown remixes of TNGHT, Prodigy and Daft punk, Detweiler wrecks our brain again with thisTRAP & FLUTE-DROP banger. The genre affectionately known as “Trap & Flute Drop” (possibly the best flute related invention since the Poké Flute) could be just the facelift that trap music has been waiting for.

Although we still haven’t figured out much in the way of who exactly Detweiler is apart from his home-base being split between Spain and Berlin (of course), his remixes keep on getting better utilising the unique instrument of the flute. Derp.

Source: Stoney Road

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DJ Detweiler is going places. Literally and metaphorically. He’s coming to Prague for a gig on April 11th. And he has been interviewed by the folks at TheDailyBeast. I quote:

Hearing a recorder rip through a trap banger from TNGHT is, if nothing else, a welcome and different change to the traditional club anthem paradigm. Whether Detweiler is being sincere or engaging in some of the finest and well-calculated Internet trolling of recent memory—think a combination of Borat and RickRolling—his brief music career has been marked by a sense of satirical consciousness.