BeatPete & Simiah – Vinyl x MPC Session (Free Visual Mixtape)

This isht right here is a treat. An enormeous treat. I strongly advise you to get rid of all the people around you, get your tea (or drank) on, begin smoking a pipe (classic or enhanced) and really enjoy watching this and especially listening to this. You might want to resort to headphones as well, just for the feel of it. You know I will. This is so enjoyable…really catapults you out of wherever you are into a calm state of mind that no Yoga session in the world could help you achieve.

Check the Deutschkartoffelkopf-Version over here at Blogrebellen!

The most recent guest at Berlin’s monthly hip hop party Backyard Joints was UK producer Simiah. During his trip over to Germany, the jazz oriented MPC masher joined forces with the vinyl addict himself, BeatPete, for a back and forth mix transitioning from MPC to records and back again.

via thefindmag.

Love the format, love the record selection, love the execution. Nuff said. Thx to BeatPete, Simiah and the good folks at


- Intro
- Simiah (MPC 2500)
- Epidemic
- MPADrums
- Simiah (MPC 2500)
- Hubert Daviz
- KanKick
- Simiah (MPC 2500)
- Question
- Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats
- Wun Two
- Simiah (MPC 2500)
- Madlib
- Madvillain (Madlib RMX)
- Nancy Wilson
- Simiah (MPC 2500)
- Epidemic / Esco
- Twit One
- Soulmade & Praverb
- Simiah (MPC 2500)
- Guilty Simpson (Block Barley RMX)
- Eugene McDaniels