BeatPete – Beatstrumentals (Free Mixtape feat. Onra, Twit One, Madlib, MF Doom, Freddie Joachim…)

beatpete beatsrtumentals soundclud mixcloud free beattape hubert daviz dexter doppelgangazThis tape goes hard with not only international legends of the craft but also some of the finest Kraut beat makers out there, like Hubert Daviz, FloFilz, Wun Two, Klaus Layer, Twit One, Dexter, Beatvadda, and Jay Spaten. No Figub Brazlevic? “BeatPete – Beatstrumentals” is a very nice mixcloud tape anyway!

Find the download link, the stream an the track list below. Oh and if you ever find yourself in Berlin searching for the perfect beat? Check this little hint from the boys at The Find Magazine:

In case you didn’t know, Germany has one of the craziest hip hop scenes in the world right now. Just look at labels like Sichtexot, ENTBS, Radio Juicy, and of course tons of independent artists on that jazz hop tip. If you ever get a chance, check out BeatPete’s monthly beat night in Berlin (Backyard Joints), a fantastic event showcasing some of Europe’s illest beat heads.


BeatPete – Beatstrumentals by The Find Mag on Mixcloud

BeatPete Beatstrumentals – Tracklist:

2.Leo The Gemini (Leo Part 1 2012 Update) – Damu The Fudgemunk
3.Continued Togetherniss – Kankick
4.One Foot Forward – Freddie Joachim
5.Nichtwirkich – FloFilz
6.Elevation (Lost Treasure) – Lex De Kalhex
7.Es Ist Wie Ein Kreis (It’s Like A Circle) – Klaus Layer
8.Alone – Question
9.The Tribes Chant – Kankick
10.Geteertundgefedert – Twit One
11.Lovage – MF Doom
12.Not So Young Anymore (Byte 2) – Damu The Fudgemunk
13.Rhyme 4 Rhyme – THE DOPPELGANGAZ
14.Let Go Now – Freddie Joachim
15.Brechmittel – FloFilz
16.Touching Realness – K-DEF
17.Klik Bamm Sample Eins – Beatvadda
19.Immer Noch Hungrig (Still Hungry) – Klaus Layer
20.Belly full – Madlib
21.Never Knew – Dexter
22.Pulsating (Pulse Remix 2012 Update) – Damu The Fudgemunk
23.B.E.A.T – Jay Spaten
24.Late Night Drive Part 2 – George Fields
25.Rotating The Hips – Vitamin d
26.Shiva – Odd Goons
27.Die Ewigen Jagdgruende – Twit One
28.A Melodia – Kev Brown
29.Party Pupa – Lazy Jones
30.Tito – FloFilz
31.Arbenk – Wun Two
32.Godspeed – Lex De Kalhex
33.That’s One Sly Fox – Vitamin d
34.Molotov Cocktail – J-Zone
35.Shrooming Birds Morning Song – Kankick
36.All night All Day – Twit One
37.Hope – Onra
38.B.E.A.T – Jay Spaten
39.CIRC – Hubert Daviz

via Whudat & TheFindMagazine