The Beatles X Vans Yellow Submarine Pack

Ey yo, if I even bought half of all the sneakers I’m into it would probably stabilize the worldwide economy quite a bit. Unfortunately I’d also need five to ten additional full time jobs. Which leads us rather nicely to the band that released “A Hard Day’s Night” some decades ago: The Beatles. Nice transition, hu? Textbook journalism. The Sk8-Hi Reissue features stylized portraits of all four Beatles on the ankles, the Classic Slip-Ons with trippy marine life, the Era with all four band members hanging out in a yellow garden, and the Authentic with an all-over pattern that reads “All You Need Is Love” in purple, yellow and green will all drop in march! Check out the full gallery @ Highsnobiety.

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Vans will be releasing its first-ever footwear collaboration with The Beatles featuring artwork from the Yellow Submarine album and film.

Via Highsnobiety.