Baby Girl Reacts Stunned and Flabbergasted to Seeing her Father’s Twin Brother for the First Time

This viral video has been uploaded to zillions of Youtube channels in a matter of days. And rightfully so – it is one of the funniest videos since Kanye’s commercial for riding motorcycles naked in front of green screens.

Less funny and frankly a bit worrying is the amount of hate speech /racist BS / idiocy in the comment section of the different versions of the video. You have got to be a sick motherf if your first reaction to watching this clip – instead of laughing your behind off or being amazed by the baby’s cuteness – is posting a comment à la “all black people look the same”. I mean wtf?

To all you racist morons: I am willing to believe your little insecure comments – as soon as infants start looking at any adult that belongs to the same race as their parents like the little girl in that video. Makes sense? No? See? Now stfu.


Video via Liveleak.