Awesome Indian Motorcycle Rider Is Awesome (And Indian)

Awesome Indian Motorcycle RiderI admit it. This is a very stupid title. But I wanted to get as much Indian-ness in there as possible. After all, this is not just another Ruff Ryder 12 o’clock boys type of motorcyclist here. This Awesome Indian Motorcycle Rider just randomly appeared behind our vehicle somewhere near Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. And after his little show he just disappeared from our lives again. Just like that. As if nothing happened.

Luckily I was fooling around with my cam and were able to film the entire show. This is the story of Awesome Indian Motorcycle Rider. Who is very awesome. And extremely Indian. And is wearing Sikh head gear. And is rocking a very elegant beard.

Before you’re getting the play-by-play script: I’m sorry for holding my phonelike a complete moron. I really am. Please set the video to HD before you watch it. You can’t really appreciate it fully in SD.

The play-by-play:

00:09 The moment he realized that we would potentially be a great audience

00:14 “Hochstarter” (transl. Wheelie)

00:22 Look Ma’, no legs!

00:33 Dear recipient: Don’t forget to have a look at the context as well. Piles of trash. Cows. Nothing special.

00:50 Max relax!

01:05 Look Ma’, no hands & ring kissing. Awesome!

01:10-01:40 He was obviously running out of ideas a little bit here. Time for some very onesided small talk. I think he didn’t really grasp just how awesome we thought he was with his headgear, his hair game and last but not least his beard game. He seems happy though.

01:52 Dicing with danger: Almost hitting a cow. And in India hurting a cow pretty much settles your fate. You’re done. Close one, Awesome Indian Motorcycle Rider! By the way, you’re so awesome!

02:07 The pigs weren’t interested. At all. Either he was performing an old routine or they were just not that much into Awesome Indian Motorcycling.

02:13 He’s either slapping someone he knows here. Or maybe he was just randomly touching or high-fiveing a stranger who is reacting surprisingly unsurprised.

02:22 Flirting with a woman. Or shouting insults straight to her face. We’ll never know.

02:40 Standing Salute! Highlight!

02:59 Waving goodbye. Bye Awesome Indian Motorcycle Daredevil!

That’s it. I’d highly recommend spending huge sums on going to India and trying to find the guy. The guy they are calling The Awesome Indian Motorcycle Rider. Who happens to be not only Indian but alse very awesome by the way!