Amazing Bowling Trick Shots With Jason Belmonte…And The Most Annoying People In The World (Video)

This video would be so much more easily watchable without these ignorant DudePerfect bros. Their cheers, their laughter, their stupid output that comes out of their icky mouths. Sorry, I am probably more appalled than I should be…no I am not. I am exactly as appalled as any sane person should be if you ask me. Man, do I love to hate…

I would not want to talk to any of those guys for the length of one minute unless someone was willing to pay me at least € 10.000.- for it. And I wouldn’t want to be recorded or filmed during this shameful act. I would rather record a twerking video and show it to my grandmothers, I think.

OK, back on topic. Jason Belmonte is good at bowling. Hum. Yeah.