Andre Agassi And The Nike Air Tech Challenge II Hot Lava (Pics & Classic Commercials)

nike air tech challenge 2 andre agassi

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Pink legging-shorts. Jeans shorts. Psychedelic patterns on shirts and his kicks. In the nineties. When players were wearing white. And only white. Period. Not only at Wimbledon. Bamm, there’s Andre Agassi for you.

Celebrating the re-release of the Air Tech Challenge 2 in the iconic “hot lava” colorway I took the liberty of collecting some weird-ass Agassi commercials for you, the best one probably being the one above with McEnroe representing “old tennis”.

Even the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in their prime are involved in another clip. Andre Agassi = Icon. Check the audiovisual craziness and get ready for tomorrow’s Australian Open Final with Raphael Nadal and Stanislas Wawrinka!

More Air Tech Challenge 2 visuals:

Sneakerscholar‘s got a few nice pics of the real original Air Tech Challenge 2 in its natural habitat. Solecollector‘s got some nice close-up pics of the recent re-release. Oh yeah and they’ve got a bunch of people arguing like nutters wether the article should have mentioned that the Nike Yeezy 2 reused the Air Tech Challenge’s legendary sole. Actually that seems to be all commenters want to talk about.