The All New Adidas ZX FLUX – The Next miadidas “Superstar”?

Update: It’s happening! Check the official teaser video in Instagramm right here!

Berlin seems to have been an excellent stage for adidas and their release of the brand new adidas ZX FLUX. With Berlin being one of THE fashion capitals of the world (well at least Europe) the premiere was bound to go well any day of the year. But in january the overall conditions in Berlin were even more promising:

Bread And Butter Fashion Tradeshow: 01/14-01/16/2014
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: 01/14-01/17/2014

All streetwear, fashion and sneaker afficionados, let alone all fashion bloggers and their moms, were present anyway. Looking at the buzz adidas was able to create though I am starting to think that this shoe’s release would have been a success anyway. Even at midnight on christmas. In some small village near Herzogenaurach.

Zillion images of basically every single pair of adidas ZX FLUX showcased are all over the internet. German and internationally relevant blogs alike seem to love the updated design of “ye good olde ZX”. Plus those kicks look extremely comfy. I have collected the most interesting articles and galleries for you right here, enjoy browsing:


adidas ZX FLUX

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There is one thing though that nobody seems to have grasped so far (except sneakerb0b, chapeau!). As soon as I first looked at those allover prints (Photoprint Pack, City Pack) there was only one thing on my mind. Man, look at those waves on the blue one from the Photo Print Pack

When will the adidas ZX FLUX be available at miadidas? Just think of the possibilities:

You could ACTUALLY have your own, unique shoe with your own artwork printed on it. Yeah I know, miadidas has been around for years. But so far – as far as I know – it has not been possible to print your own artwork, photos etc on a shoe, well, for normal consumers anyway. Your own colorway is nice as well, sure. But this model might take miadidas to the next level.

I would totally go crazy with that option. I’d get one pair of those “mi ZX FLUX” with one of my own photos printed all over it. And then I’d get another pair and customize it using a picture of the other pair. Leonardo di Caprio would be so proud: Shoeception!

adidas ZX FLUX

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What I am trying to get across here is: When you have got the ZX FLUX and the surrounding hype going for you, having Kanye West on your roster is basically just a nice little “on top” kind of deal. And when Kanye West is just another nice little feature, just another add-on to solid models and crazy designs, well, then you know you have done something right. Chapeau, adidas!


  • hahaepik

    I don’t quite agree about having ur own photo printed on the shoes. Yes, I agree that it would be really cool thing to be doing, but as a company’s perspective it would cost lost of money. Having a program to upload the picture, make sure is the right size, right pixel (if not contact the consumer), plus sending the picture to manufacture for special order. It would take long time and would probably cost lots. But if somehow adidas is able to pull it off, that would be amazing.

    • Floduard Quolke

      gotta have your hopes and dreams, right? ;)

      • hahaepik

        haha totally agreed :) u are lucky that u are in Europe though.. u guys get all the cool releases from adidas or nike unlike Canada which we don’t get anything :(

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