Adidas YEEZI Box Label Snapshot Leaked!

So yeah, this seems to be super hot exclusive news to some people….mainly people who were suspecting Kanye’s first sneaker creation for Adidas to be boxed without a box label. Which would have been super edgy and game changing. Not.

By the way: I wouldn’t be too surprised if that label in the picture was super duper fake. If I was producing fake sneakers in China, I would have printed a thousand labels like that one already. I also would have tried to attach three stripes to my complete stock of fake Nike Air Yeezys and sell them as Adidas Yeezi Prototypes. Sigh. If only I was the head of a Chinese shoe factory.

The Adidas Yeezi Hype started to make headlines across blogs nationwide, when Kanye himself mentioned that they’d release in June. Now, we get a preview at the upcoming box label that reads “Noir” (Black) as well as the Style Code. Which silhouette can we expect from Yeezus? Stay tuned with Modern Notoriety for more info.

adidas yeezi box label

via Modern Notoriety.