Adidas Originals ZX 710 Retro OG Fresh Green On Feet Pics

I went for a walk around Letna and the Metronom in Prague and took a lot of pictures of a brand new pair of Adidas Originals ZX 710 OG Retro Fresh Green on feet. This kind of behavior seems a bit weird but I have my reasons. First, I like to see pictures of sneakers I am interested in on feet first before I buy them. Makes sense. Some kicks look awesome on promo pics and transform into bloated bananas once they are on your feet. So, voilá, random act of kindness for all you sneaker fiends. The second reason is that it is really easy to get random people to read your blog this way. Seems like a lot of people search for on-feet-pics of recently released sneakers. Crazy world. Check out the gallery and my résumé below.

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Oh yeah: I didn’t do any kind of editing. And I didn’t really think about the setting of the shots too much. Because I’m lazy. And because I think there aren’t enough ‘real’ on feet shots of sneakers available. Most of them are edited to death and have so many effects and filters applied to them that you could make the ugliest sh!t look glamourous on your feet.

adidas zx 710 retro OG fresh Green on feet

The verdict? This shoe is the bomb. Comfortable as fvck and very very old school. One thing I noticed, though, is that as soon as a ray of sunlight touches either the white mesh or the light-creme or light-beige suede the Adidas ZX 710 in this “Fresh green” colorway looks like supernova bright. Nice contrast to those grimy Prague streets. By the way…it felt very odd taking those on feet photos of these sneakers all the time. Very odd.

adidas zx 710 fresh green og on feet

Oh, and another thing. The sizing is a bit odd. Had to get a 44 instead of my usual 44 2/3 or 45 1/3.

Disclaimer: I paid for that shoes. Retail price.  The only connection I have got with adidas is through their online store. This, sadly, is not a sponsored post.


  • hahaepik

    This is awesome Thank you so much was wondering if I should get a pair now i might! – From Canada