AbJo – Vibração Comigo (Vibe With Me)

Soulection’s AbJo has just released a little EP with the maximum density of Brazilian vibes on Bandcamp. It’s yours for $ 7, the stream is available for free, on Soundcloud as well by the way. Future Bass meets Bossa Nova. Awesome work.

Vibração comigo, meus amigos.

6 tracks (vibes) created and inspired by my favorite Brazilian (and Brazilian-inspired) musicians…

Album Credits:

Eric Coleman (Ecoleye) of Mochilla, for the initial motivation to put this EP together, as well the sample fodder of ill Brazilian sounds that I used to make it,

Andre Power, for the truly on-point cover/photo,

Jacqueline Schneider, for helping put the word out about the EP (love you, sis),

The whole Soulection team, for supporting and diggin’ the project,

And you out there, who made it here somehow, some way, to vibe with me…