52er x Orkan Gazi x Laca x Jerry One x Lux x Johnny Rakete x Juse Ju x Ebow x MTS x BRT x Nemo Nemesiz x Marz x Sickless x Liquid x BBou – Du Wurdest Bedient Pt. 2

Erlangen represent. NBG represent. 0711 represent. MUC represent. Represent Overkill. This track unites pretty much every MC you need to know from the south of Germany. This feature-heavy track is for German Rap pretty much what Ellen DeGenere’s selfie at the Oscar’s was for Hollywood. Prrrraa prrra!

Oh, and by the way, a little education for ya’ll: The title of this track is a quote by the legendary King Kool Savas’ from his classic “King Of Rap”, which means “You’ve been served.”