3 x Home Office / Balcony Soundtrack Mixes (Summer Mixtapes)

I admit it. I have overdosed with Cookin Soul’s Summer Waves Vol. 4. As truly awesome it is..I am just a bit fed up and know the song’s order by heart now. If you have got a similar problem and are looking for more mixtapes of that kind, check out this hammock soundtrack first and then have a look at these options to spice up your summer with some soul, R&B, funk and breaks:

Balkon Tapes 4:
This tape’s style is kind of similar to Cookin Soul’s, but with less rotation and a vibe which is therefore more relaxed and calm:

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Love Of Honey:
Oh, so soulful! Be sure to check out the super elaborate tracklist including discog links to each and every track!

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BRANIK1015 – BROKEANDFAMOUS.CZ X BEATNOTIK vol 10 hosted by C.Monts:
This is definitely the odd one out here. Much more contemporary gems in here, quite a lot of instrumental joints was well. Still a fitting soundtrack to anything this time of the year by Prague’s own C. Monts.