3 Pro Fencers VS. 50 Amateurs: You’ll Never Guess What Happens! (Video)

Check out this genuinely interesting experiment in which 3 olympic pro fencers take on 50 amateurs in a chaotic stand-off. Unlike many other Japanese TV show concepts that are just plain weird this one is super exciting and surprising from the beginning until the end:

The crowd, being a crowd, does not initially do what it should, which is rush the experts and take them out right away with little regard for individual survival. But pretty much every person fights for themselves. And instead of getting easier for the Musketeers near the end, it gets more difficult.

The few remaining crowd members start working together more effectively. The survival of the fittest effect kicks in. The remaining experts get sloppy, tired, and perhaps a little overconfident. The ending was a genuine shock.

via kottke.