More Than 2 Hours Of State-Of-The-Art German Rap: Rap Aus Deutschen Landen (Free Mixtapes)

Falk Schacht is Germany’s walking Hip Hop Encyclopedia. He was one of the last journalists in German music television. Then he was the first of many journalists to produce interviews for the web (which he still does by the way). And then he was the latest person (ever) to get a facebook and a twitter account in 2013 I think. Since then he has been steadily building a loyal audience for himself with serious and not so serious contributions to whatever issue is relevant in society and in rap. Honoring himself basically, he has just released two mixtapes – one to celebrate 10.000 twitter followers and one for his 10.000 facebook friends (show-off!) – offering a stunning selection of German mainstream and underground rap classics.

If there was ever a selection of tracks in one mix (well, two) that represents the entire bandwidth of German hiphop, it’s this one (well, these two). Check out Falk Schacht’s Rap Aus Deutschen Landen Mix Vol. 1 & 2!


Du und deine Bitch machen gern’ auf Bonnie und Clyde/
bleibt wie ihr seid/
ihr heißt Connie und Frank!

Rough translation: You and your hoe (hihi) like pretending you’re Bonnie and Clyde/ stay who you are/ damnit/ your names are Connie (short for: Cornelia) and Frank!

Bethelrab by Architect feat. Dray Durch

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